- Tabitha xo

Hello everyone!
Just a friendly update:

My books are now closed for 2024 through Spring 2025.

While I won't be taking on new clients during this time, I'm still here for any other questions or inquiries you might have.

Drop me a line at hello@tbaldwinphoto.com

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

let's get started

Tabitha Baldwin Photography is not just a witness to love stories; it's a storyteller of weddings and portraits. With nearly 7 years of dedicated experience capturing the essence of love, I am committed to providing exceptional, personalized service that transforms special moments into enduring memories.

Having worked with numerous couples, I understand the significance of each unique love story. My photographic style is characterized by a light and airy touch, capturing true-to-life moments that become artistic compositions in every frame. I specialize in crafting all-inclusive wedding photography packages that emphasize exclusivity, personal connection, and artistic expression.

Whether you're embarking on the journey of marriage or seeking to freeze precious moments in a portrait, I am here to be your visual storyteller. Your love story is my inspiration, and I am eager to preserve its beauty through the lens of my camera.